Head Slams Critics of Calder Street

Summer 1967 brought about a change where all pupils in Blantyre would go on to Calder Street Secondary School instead of Hamilton Academy or St Johns.

The change was a big one for many families and Mr Thomas Moffat, the headmaster in the Blantyre school had some tough talking for parents who were already moaning about the proposals, not wishing to send their children to Calder Street.

Mr Moffat said, “In some places in Blantyre, comprehensive education are bad words. Nevertheless, let us consider it against the backdrop of tradition. Since the beginning of the Century, older pupils in Blantyre went on their way to Hamilton Academy and St Johns Grammar School. For some people, this seemed like a direct road to further education and good jobs. For others, it was a realisation of ambition, to be different from the ‘hoi polloi’ (masses) who were ‘sadly’ fated to attend locally at Calder Street. “

Irrespective of that, it was the arrival of comprehensive education in 1966, a decision by the Education Committee that brought about the necessary change.

Mr Moffat continued, “It is quite natural for some parents to be worried about such changes to education. There is a lot of ill information out there about Calder Street School, a competent, able school, proved time and time again academically. I say to those parents, get your facts right! Trust the school and why not come to me directly to discuss any concerns.”

The new changes promised O Level examinations. Those who would have normally studied at Hamilton Academy from 1967 would go on to study for 2 years at Calder Street at the end of which they would be referred to Hamilton Academy.

Were YOU affected by the comprehensive changes in 1967?

Pictured are some of the girls in 1967 at Calder Street.

1967 Calder Street Blantyre


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  1. In 1967, myself and 7 others went from High Blantyre Primary to Hamilton Academy, with a further 4 going to St Johns. Comprehensive happened later.

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