Priory Bridge, 2019


Blantyre Project reader, Davey sent in these photos recently. Taken in 2019, they are of course the Priory Bridge in Low Blantyre. This is a good series of photos showing not just the beauty of the river and the bridge in summer months, but also showing some concerning deterioration of the abutments.

The bridge though is completely closed off to pedestrians and traffic and therefore is not a danger. This bridge is between Blantyre and Cambuslang parishes , right on the boundary crossing the River Calder. Its very name is representative of hundreds of years of Blantyre history and a nod to Blantyre’s oldest building, The Priory, now a ruin. Prior to the covid lockdown, the council conducted an investigation into the condition of the bridge and were currently trying to trace ownership. I hope this icon can still stand for many more generations.

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