1914 Auchinraith Road

1914 Auchinraith Road full pic -Colorized

Today’s coloured photo is from 1914. Coloured by Scotland Colourised, this amazing picture is the top of Auchinraith Road just as WW1 was about to happen. It was photographed not far from the junction of Main Street. This was 3 decades before the construction of the timber houses, their site at this time, still all fields.

Children walk up the road from the nearby Auchinraith School. Many of the homes had just been built in the previous decade or so. The pavement on the left, only one side of the road, much broader than it is today. I’m sure this photo was taken to show the expansion of Blantyre, nice ‘modern’ homes built to high standards and a connection between High and Low Blantyre.

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