1980 Blantyre Weddings

Let’s have some more Blantyre Weddings! To 1980 next….

First up is Miss Andreena Geddes who lived in Hardie Street. She married sweetheart Cameron Black from Clydebank. The couple married in High Blantyre.

1980 Andreena Geddes & Cameron Black

Next, is Miss Ann Symons of Stanley Place how married EK man Neil Durie. The couple married at the Congregational Church.

1980 Ann Symons & Neil Durie

As always, these photos have been added to our archive, but if for any reason any of these people don’t wish them to appear, please do get in contact. We hope they’ve all had happy marriages.

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Margo Haughen You and your sweetheart❤️💕Cameron and Ross are interchangeable, Andrea x
E Laine Lees Lovely photo of you Andrena and Cameron, teenagers in love 💋, lovely photos of the other couples xx
Helen Robb Andrea and Cameron, my lovely neighbours. Such a lovely family. Would love to see the other couples as they are now. Great photos. Xxx

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