Welcome to Blantyre Sign

The refurbished ‘Welcome to Blantyre’ sign is positioned at the north western end of Glasgow Road and was initiated by Brian Charlton, chairman of the nearby Priory Bridge Residents Association.

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Brian noticed that the frame of the old sign dating back to the 1950s was still in situ and was in reasonable condition although the original wooden board had rotted away, so he suggested to South Lanarkshire Council that it could be refurbished for the bi-centenary celebrations of David Livingstone’s birth being held in 2013.

At first, the powers that be, decided not to carry out the refurbishment, but Brian persevered and with the assistance of local councillor Bert Thomson they eventually got the sign refurbished in April 2013.

A great example of community pride.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Marian Maguire Well done Brian Charlton.
Kirsty Halloran Well done
Anne Mosley Looks Brilliant Well Done Brian.!.x
Fran Mcdermott Walters Lovely! Makes me home sick as it’s on my old street south view xxx
Anne Quinn Well done you now could you hurry them up with the grounds at Livingstones I’m missing my picnics down there with my grandchildren x
John Dunsmore Well done. Brian, sir.
Russell Boyd Used to be one of these signs at springwell years ago as well.
Isabel Angela I remember the old sign … my granny and grandas house is in the background , any pics of the original sign ???
Claire Conner I’m pretty sure the sign that was there before that was not from the 50’s. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I grew up metres from that sign and I remember it being put up in the 80s?? It was black not white like this one if i remember right. There was no sign there before that I’m sure??
Grace Mackenzie Stewart It was put up in the fifties Claire Conner, I remember out playing when I was about 5 or 6 years old, and some African visitors asked us to stand in front of it for photo’s.
Claire Conner Grace Mackenzie Stewart really? It must have been vandalised and rebuilt in the 80s and that’s what I remember. Thanks for letting me know sis
Jim Lees Fabulous. Well Done Brian.
Jane Scobbie Fabulous and lovely to be welcomed in this way
Mary Ann Poneszkis I took a pic of this sign when I came back to Blantyre to visit a few years ago, I love it there’s just something about it, and it brings back memories of when I was a wean. xx
Billy Miller Different Class

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  1. Some people are talking about the date of the original sign. I thought it was in the 50s as I think I remember it as a child, but it was definitely there when we moved to Blantyre in 1975 it was indeed made of wood painted a dark colour, supported by a metal frame. The wood slowly rotted away and fell to bits and it was never refurbished until 2011, the existing metal frame is still the original one that supported the wooden sign.

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