Blantyre High Teachers, 1980s

A full compliment of Blantyre High School Teachers and office staff. Taken in the mid 1980s, 77 people are photographed.

Who do you recognise? Whats your memories of all these teachers? This fantastic photo was shared by Simon Downie.

1980s Blantyre High Teachers & Staff

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

AAnnette Keenan Mr loudon, back left. Modern Studies. My favourite teacher ever! His dry sense of humour was class. He’s still at calderside.
Iain Firth Miss Witherspoon second row, fifth from left
Anne Grogan Iain Firth i had her in the early 70’s
Michelle Evans Mr Clark (Chemistry), Mr Loudon, Miss Purchase (later Mrs Fuller) Music, Mrs Simpson (Music), Mr Read (Art) and Mr Berry are the first ones that jump out (I’ll have to look at it properly later), but those are the “instants”. Who would have thought 70s beards would come back into fashion!
Stephen Nelson I remember most of them, some even fondly. Others, eughgh. Don’t see the English dept though, apart from Miss Blair.
Stuart Dodd Mr McConachie (walky nocky), Mr Aitken, Mr McNulty, Mr Chisholm, Mr Tweedale, Mr Duffy & Mrs Biajini
Arlene Campbell Back row ..3rd from the right art teacher mr Chisholm ? (white tie ) 7th from the right french teacher mr Crawford 2nd back row .. middle mr Gray art ( beard ) 2 below the net mr Twaddale ( my head of year ) front row ..third from left miss Simpson music teacher and front and Center middle of course .. much respected Mr moncrieff
Susan Boyd 2nd row Mrs Nelson (modern studies red jumper) Miss Connell (pe pink jumper) miss Stevenson (RE yellow jumper) 4th row mr mcfarlane (science) mr Grey (art) back row Mr Loudon, Mr Nicoll
Lindsey Grieve Susan Boyd you have some memory, I’ve had to go back and look again to see who you were talking about 😂xx
Joan McLaughlin Miss Stevenson still teaches at the school
Susan Boyd Lindsey Grieve I can remember people names years ago, but probably couldn’t remember someone I met yesterday
Susan Boyd Joan McLaughlin so does mrs mcvean, Mr Loudon +some others
Joan McLaughlin Susan Boyd know mr Loudon does but I don’t remember Mrs McVean being there in the 80’s – don’t remember who taught me home economics- probably her
Joan McLaughlin Mrs Wilson – food & nut
Is she the one wearing white 2 nd row 4th from left?
Sharon Kawa I was always in trouble with Mr Moncrieff for the size of my earrings lol. Usually caught me on the way upstairs.
Sharon SLittle Sharon Kawa he was hilarious when someone wore jeans to school!
Caroline Rundell Mrs richmond typing teacher 3rd from left front row
Sharon SLittle Caroline Rundell I had her for accounts and office studies
Caroline Rundell Sharon SLittle i had her for business studies which is something totally different now! I remember she spoke very posh and she taught me how to touch and copy type xxx
Sharon SLittle Caroline Rundell she used to hit us with the ruler for looking to see where we were typing
Caroline Rundell Imagine if teachers did that now!! x its drummed into my bloody brain still – the three did feed the deer!
Gail Sampaio Mr.Pirie ,2nd left from mr.moncrieff and mrs .glen(physics),extreme right 3rd row
Heather Reid Second bottom row 5 from left Miss Witherspoon Alana Price u know any other? X
Carole Mackie Rickard I was there from ‘83-‘86 and can only name three and ones the headmaster 🙈. Wee Brick must’ve retired by the time that pic was taken, that’s a man you don’t forget!
Ali Bell Carole Mackie Rickard that’s who I was looking for
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Carole Mackie Rickard me too. He was a brilliant teacher, also Mr McDermott, he had a false hand x
Carole Mackie Rickard Jeanette Allardyce Ward my Mum forewarned me about him his flying duster!
Margaret Farmer Is that Mrs Richmond on the front row third from left?
Catherine Hailes Young Jeezo Goofs there = was she strict or what
Stephen Allan Where is Mr McConnachie? Its hard to make out any of the teachers in that pic as I never staryed high school till 1996 but would be able to tell out of the ones that were there when I started if there were closeups of them.
Susan Boyd 2nd row Mrs McVean (HE now head of lower school) wearing red+black
Joan McLaughlin 2nd row first on right English teacher Mrs McBride??
Kerry Tremble Kevan Can’t make them all out but I do see Monty & Boogie, oh & Mr McConnachie! I was there 87-93 great memories
Heather Reid Second row 4th from the right miss Stevenson RE teacher x
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Is that Miss Moffat (maths) front row, 2nd left? Only others I recognise is Mr Chisom and Mr Moncrief, he walked around with his belt over his shoulder under his cloak lol x
Carol Crombie Mr gray and mr Chisholm – art. Mrs Lavelle and Ms Menzies, ms Stevenson – RE – boy could she draw the belt! Mrs Reid, mr moncrieff, miss Simpson, few others I don’t remember their names, and the Pervy PE Guy
Audrey Marshall Monty, Mr Mathieson, Mr Louden top left, Mr Clarke science, Mr Crawford languages, Mr Chisholm Art, Miss Stevenson RE….going back for another look!
Audrey Marshall Oh can see Mrs Menzies French – great teacher. Middle in front row is Mrs Simpson music
Audrey Marshall Grace Nelson History. Is it Mr Aitken PE? And is Miss Connell there?
Joan McLaughlin Audrey Marshall could Miss Connell be the one wearing bright pink jumper next to miss Stevenson 2nd row third right
Audrey Marshall Finally Gus MacConnachie Geography and Miss Napier English front row
Philip Pohler This was a little bit after my time but still recognise a few. Monty of course centre front and in the back row just left of Centre the legend that was Brian Mathieson
Joan McLaughlin Mr Muir maths teacher next to Mr Twaddle 2nd row from back 3rd from left
Stephen Morley Mr Duffy and Mrs Reid…can’t think of name of RE teacher
Mairi McCabe Mrs Glen, physics third row last on the right . Loved her classes

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