Auchinraith Primary, 1910

When this previously unseen, amazing photograph was given to me, it instantly became one of my favourites of all photos in my collection! It’s just SO clear and detailed.

Pictured around 1905 to 1910 is the former Auchinraith School. The girls entrance on the left, boys on the right can clearly be seen. The stonework looks still new following its construction by the Blantyre School Board in 1900. This is a time before any settlement or subsidence damage to the building.

The photo was taken by David Ritchie, a joiner from High Blantyre, who had a keen interest in taking early photos, these glass plate negatives so crystal clear, they were used in publications and postcards.

The school existed for 80 years, although was derelict in its final years before being completely demolished in early 1980. A brilliant photo! It’s a cracker and I’m sure many people will remember this building (although more likely with the stonework being a lot darker or dirtier!)

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Alan Dorricott I went to Auchinraith for P1 and P2. I remember (just!) that we got turns at running around the school playground with a big brass bell to let everyone know interval was over.
Mary Wood This is the very bell Alan……

Alan Dorricott Mary Wood no way! It was a heavy thing for a 5-6 year old to ring around the whole perimeter of the building!
Mary Wood Still is heavy Alan…. must have felt like a ton to us back then…. I was there in the 60s
Alan Dorricott I was there 76-77. I’m sure one of my teachers was Miss Murch, but I could be wrong. Hazy memories lol
Catherine Newell I started the school in 1957 the headmaster was Mr Dunlop fond memories
Stuart Tremble where my house sits now
Annette McMahon Cambridge I was a pupil in Auchinraith before moving to Calder street school we were told the building was sinking which is why we had to move Miss Fairley was the head teacher with her tweed skirt and half moon glasses loved this school
Blantyre Project the building really could never have been saved. It was suffering badly from 80 years of subsidence. Cracked lintols and foundations. Not to mention the pipes, damp and roof. Whilst i agree many buildings on Glasgow Road for example could have been saved, by 1980, Auchinraith Primary was definitely past its ‘sell by date’ and in line with Councillors sentiments of the time, this was the right decision.
Annette McMahon Cambridge Blantyre Project I’m sure it was we used to count the steps every year in one side of the building it was half a step and a full step on the other I’m sure I’m not the only person that has fond memories of the school unfortunately when we moved it never felt the same
Gordon Gemmell Was there between 1969-76. Great school 👍miss Fairlie, head mistress, janny Mr. Easton shovelled the coal for the heating
Alan Dorricott Gordon Gemmell Mr Easton was my next door neighbour when we lived in Croftpark Crescent
Gordon Gemmell Alan Dorricott nice auld man, but ye widnae cross him!
Mary McGaulley Remember it well Mr Dunlop was headmaster can still picture him to this day. Betty Weaver and me were in the same class. Fun days
Moyra Lindsay Mary McGaulley I was in the class above you then. Moyra Stewart. Mr Dunlop had the best job in the world he had a one minute commute, took in the dinner money and didn’t even have to put coal on the fire himself! I ever knew him to actually teach.
Mary McGaulley Moyra Lindsay yes he lived in the house across the street. My name then was May Buchanan. Margaret McCue was also in my class.
Margo Clayton David Ritchie did the joinery work in this school when it was built.
Sharon Morrison Doonin Lucky enough to have called the old schoolmaster’s house our family home for a number of years (124 Craig St)
Gordon Gemmell Mrs Williamson, my first teacher in Auchinraith now lives in that house
Moira Macfarlane My sister Nessie went to that school, also my brother,,
Moira Macfarlane Beautiful photo,
John Crothers I went to this school in 1953 my grandfathers shop was next to the school happy days brings back a lot of memories of my childhood
Marion Anderson I was there from 1955- before going to Calder St…remember it well ..Great photo
Jean Black I went there my teacher was Miss Francis great memories
Helen Lawson Taylor I went there in1950 and remember trying to be the first one out at playtime to hold the janitors hand Mr Baird
Craig Stewart It’s nice to see a pic of how it looked originally. I spent my early years playing in what was left before it was demolished completely. Auchinraith and The Old Co Bakery were the playgrounds of my generation lol
Thomson Andrew 1971 .. I remember the smell of the wooden floors..the dinner hall was the huts behind
Kenny Weir Is the picture taken from Anford Place or Craig Street ? Look like Anford Place to me. Terrific picture of my primary school
Sadie Dolan My mums old School
Alex Graham I started at the school before moving to Davy livvies
Kenneth Simpson Would be good to see more pictures of my old primary school 1978-1980. Outside toilets was one memory.
Rab Mccarrol Was there till primary 5 when it closed and we were bussed for a year to Mill street in Hamilton before moving into Calder street
Elizabeth Grieve I went to school there. Loved the building

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