Weddings Blantyre Folk 1967

1967 Stanley Preston & Shona Campbell

Today we’re featuring some weddings from Blantyre folk, going back to 1967. First up are Mr. G.Stanley Preston and Shona Campbell.  Mr Preston at time of his wedding lived at 72 Farm Road, Blantyre and his bride being from Stonehouse, they married there.

1967 William Kelsey & Mary Morrison

Miss Mary Morrison of 23 Poplar Place , Blantyre married Whitehill man William Kelsey. The couple married at the Livingstone Church on Glasgow Road, also in 1967.

1967 William Willis & Caroline Anne Hughes

Third couple in today’s feature are William Willis whose parents lived at Fernslea Avenue, Blantyre and Welsh lady, Caroline Anne Hughes. They married in Wales. At the time of the wedding, William was a customs officer in Glasgow.

Here’s hoping all the couples have so far had happy marriages. Photos have been added to the Blantyre Project archives and as always if anybody in these photos wishes them to be removed for whatever reason, just say the word.

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Ross PrestonDebbi Evans what a great find. Never seen that photo of him before x
Ann Millar Stan n his family lived across the road fae me lovely family.!

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