Film: Opening Africa Pavilions, 1977

David Livingstone Centre, 1977
Sometimes, a wonderful image or film crops up and this is certainly one of those times. Ladies and gentlemen, exclusively online here’s NINE full colour minutes of pure 1977 nostalgia!
The occasion was when the Queen Mother visited Blantyre to open the newly built Africa Pavilion. This film from nearly 42 years ago was shared here this week by former Blantyre High Maths Teacher, Brian Mathieson, himself interested in all aspects of film.
Panning around Blantyre in a 360 degrees from the top of the former Blantyre High School at Boswell Drive, we can see housing, streets and cars. Look out for the Auchinraith Co Bakery and School towering in the distance! The film moves next to Station Road. The Queen Mother arrives at David Livingstone Centre and is greeted by officials and crowds. Look out for scouts, BBs and guides. Her departure from the grounds by helicopter also covered.
I recall being lined on Glasgow Road that day waving flags as a 6 year old. With thanks to Brian for uploading his footage from that wonderful day.
Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:
Blantyre Project Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did.
Blantyre Project I should add, this was 24th May 1977. It was likely a memorable visit for the Royal mum, for she had been there 48 years earlier, in her time as Duchess of York, when she had opened the David Livingstone Centre in 1929, in front of crowds of 12,000 people
Linda Halpin My mum saw her in 1929 when she was 9 mum passed in 2016 aged 96💔💔
Catherine Whitefield Enjoyed the film . The Livingstone centre looked so clean an tidy the way i always remembered it . Many a summer we all played there Blantyre Project i thought that too about the houses, especially around the school.
Anne Irvine Fantastic footage from Mr Mathieson. Great to see some parts not changed either. Seemed like a thousand years ago 😊
Blantyre Project in 8 years time, it will be half a century ago! lol

Anne Irvine Blantyre Project lol yes I know but as my brother in law used to say. When your young every day was like a lifetime. When your older the days go in a flash. Wise words lol. Maybe I’m not accepting that I’m 55!!!! 😅

Gordon Mather Gordon Mather my Dad is one of the scouts in this video
Alisa Tonner My mum used to work in the centre I’m sure it was round about this time x x
Jessie Caldow Wonderful film..enjoyed it so much 👏
Kathleen Duffy Great film 👏
Gordon Mather Thanks for sharing, brings back good memories
Linda Halpin 👏👏🤗🤗

Pamela Alana Fantastic- I was in 3rd year at Blantyre High – and Mr Mathieson was my maths teacher …. or was it Bob Pirie or Jennifer Moffat who went on to be my course director during my teacher training!!

Anne Irvine Pamela Alana, Pamela Johnston

Ann Durie Bob Pirie was my maths teacher at St John’s Grammar School- before he moved to Blantyre High where he then taught my wee Sister, Liz Symons 🤪🤪

Pamela Alana I know Liz – she was in my year … How is she doing ?

Gaz Wright Where’s the footage of the Queen mother doing the assault course 😂……great footage.

Alan Baird i remember we had all to go dow to the main street to watch the procession go passed miss byres was our science teacher was there to keep us in line , she was going aff her dinger cos we were all having a fly puff at the ciggies lol

Michelle Malarkey I went to David Livingstone Primary and remember this. We stood at Station Road waving our flags with my class as she went by.

Betty McLean Excellent film.

Maureen Friery Moran Great footage Paul.

Mary McGaulley Great memories .

ManageAlison Walker-Hill Awww…you see her stopping to talk to me

Ann Durie Love how her right hand glove is attached to her sleeve- so she doesn’t loose it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Jim Cochrane I was in First year then.

Helen Lawson Taylor Love the film .

ManageJames Mcmahon I was there too up a lamp post waving away

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