1966 Milking cows, Basket Farm

The final cine film from Sanny McVicar. This one was filmed in 1966 again in Blantyre. This time in the upper fields, up at the former Basket Farm.

Farmer, Jimmy Shields (or one of his farmhands) milks the cows.

Thank you sincerely to Sanny McVicar for giving us all an insight into his life in the 50s and 60s and for all those special moments we’ve enjoyed this week.

All these cine films have now been uploaded to Youtube for easy playback , with permission.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Nan Burrows Thank you.Have enjoyed them all

Blantyre Project more local cine films are slowly being collected in one place, here at Blantyre Movies

Mary Wishart The man in the flat cap was jimmy shields,my father and uncle used to work for him.enjoyed watching the wee film 🎥

William Mullen auld sheilds worked in there

Jim Cochrane Jimmy Shields with the Bunnet. Tying them up to be milked . Ayrshires.

Jim Cochrane we take things like this for granted now but this is is great to have film that old with someone i knew well.

Maggie Anderson Yes I agree….I used to help with the milking at Park Farm in my young days as Hamish’s girlfriend !!

Maggie Anderson Who is the other man in the movie ? And who are the two people cleaning the mini ?

Jim Cochrane I think the people cleaning the car might be Alex and Sheena McCaskie. It looks like its taken at the front of the agricultural houses that stood beyond the stackyard at basket .

Maggie Anderson Jim Cochrane We used to be friends with them many years ago

Jim Cochrane my Mum might know better. Alex was her cousin. he worked at Basket i think when he left school and when he got married Jimmy sorted up the house for them.

Maggie Anderson We have been in their house on Basket when they lived there and Alex worked for James Shields…Is your father Willie Cochrane ?

Maggie Anderson The other man in the film with the cows looks like my brother in law Colin Anderson Is that possible ?

Jim Cochrane Maggie Anderson yes hes my dad

Jim Cochrane Maggie Anderson It really does look like Colin he may have helped at the basket before he moved into the Park . Did he stay next to the primary School with Nancy . Havent seen them for a while.

Maggie Anderson Jim Cochrane They did indeed live there…Colin may have helped out from time to time at Basket….They now have a large farm in Lauder bought with the proceeds of the sale of land which was used for houses…He still owns Park Farm something to do with tax avoidance…we don’t see them either..don’t have any contact now in fact after his Mum’s passing not that I give a F**K !!

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