George Paterson Coaches


1970s George Paterson

An advert from the 1970s for George Paterson Coaches and Mini bus hire. Based at Allanshaw Industrial Estate, Hamilton, they also had a depot in Blantyre.

George, a pleasant, likeable chap now lives on Broompark Road with his wife.

What else can you tell me about Paterson Coaches?

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Helen Stewart Worked for patersons taxis when I was a teenager in burnbank great friends with George’s daughter x

Jean Brown Irene Agnew we remember this, you went to work in one didn’t you?

Johnny O Orr George Paterson used to stay in heathcliffe ave blantyre i used to sell him tyres for his bus

Russell Boyd Forgot all about patersons buses. Pic refreshed my memory. Cant remember where there base was in blantyre. Anyone know?

Johnny O Orr Now there’s a thing were they not based in alanshaw ind est peacock cross

Eleanor Clark Had his car for our Wedding many years ago, related to our dad

Ann Mckeown I worked Patterson’s taxis from 1971 till I think 1975

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