1967 Weddings of Blantyre folk

Some weddings of Blantyre folks for you today, from 1967.

First up is beautiful bride, Hughina Bell of Hillview Drive, Blantyre who married John McKitting of Larkhall. The couple married at David Livingstone Memorial Church, Blantyre.

1967 Hughina Bell & John McKitting

Also, we have the very lovely Wilma Chisholm of Devondale Avenue who married George Lightbody of Zambesi Drive, Blantyre. Another couple choosing to marry in David Livingstone Memorial Church.

Wedding photos added to the archive. As always, if anybody wishes them to be removed for whatever reason, I will of course at once comply.

1967 Wilma Chisholm & George Lightbody

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Moyra Lindsay Hughina Bell was in my class at Auchinraith Primary. Her mum was a dinner lady or cleaner there.

Etta Morrison Yes Moyra I remember her too from primary class x

Elizabeth Weaver Yes, I remember Hughina too. Have never known anyone else with her name. She had lovely dark curly hair, which I envied! I wonder where she is now?

Jan McFarlane Happy Memories, Wilma was my friend at ST JOHNS School. My sister was a flower girl she had a beautiful red velvet dress.Wilma was a beautiful bride .

John Dunsmore I mind of the. Two. Ladies , and. Wilmas hubby. George .šŸ‘šŸ’—

Violet Elder Hughina lives in Larkhall. She was in my class at school and I see her now and again at the shops.

Elizabeth Weaver Tell Hughina some of her classmates remember her, Vi x

Violet Elder I will. She lost her husband a few years ago.x

Elizabeth Weaver Sorry to hear that, Vi. x

Violet Elder She has two sons who are both married and 3 grandchildren all living locally.

Elizabeth Weaver Glad to hear she has family around – that’s always a comfort. Thanks Vi Violet Elder Betty, I hope you and your family are doing well. X

Elizabeth Weaver Time’s just flying past, as usual, Vi! But it’s good to be busy. I enjoyed your video clip the other day – hope you post some more of you singing. You have a lovely voice x

Violet Elder Thank you Betty. X

Gail Chalmers Louise it’s your auntie hughina

Louise Bell It is she still looks the same Gail Chalmers lovely photo x

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