Hunthill Road from Railway


1962 Hunthill Road wmThis fantastic colour photo was taken during the 1960’s at High Blantyre. The vantage point is the former dismantled railway spanning over Hunthill Road, from a point where the two lines converged to the east of the northern railway bridge.

Looking down Hunthill Road, many of the buildings on the western, left side still exist today, including the large tenement and the lane leading to the park can be seen too.

On the opposite side of the road, the former tenement of Calderview can be seen with the gable window facing out on to the railway, now the top of Stonefield Crescent.

It may be unlikely anybody will remember this scene much, unless you commonly used the railway at this elevation in the 1950’s and before. This scene which was adjacent to a signal box just out the picture to the right, dates from the early 1960’s, a time when the railway had ceased operation.

With thanks to Alex Rochead for sharing these photos.

1962 Removal of Hunthill Rail bridge 2 wm

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William Dickson yes very much that road before the building was the coup were all your rubbish went

Blantyre Project i remember a story about fly infestation in that coup , getting into all the nearby buildings. I’ll need to dig it out.

William Dickson the house before the building belong to the braidwoods inthe 50s

Agnes Collins Past the building on the left you had mcleans pigier .McDonald’s nursery .rem.Jack’s had greenacre bungalow Thompson’s stayed in the building on left .

Eleanor Connor Still very recognisable
Betty Mckendrick Lived right across the road at forty eight when I got married in nineteen sixty four

Maggie Anderson I could see this building from my kitchen window at 374 Main street…my sister in law lived there for a while

John Dunsmore Yip as it was. Yesterday , memories are made of old. my opinion.💗💗💗💗

Jean Richardson Morag & James Richardson 50 Hunthill Rd, directly opposite.

Mary Falco Yes my cousin built a house across the road from this building

Lesley Hartley Mind you an Jim lived in there Michele when Kristoffer was a baby x
Janet Cochrane My great uncle John Baird lived in the house where the window is facing you.

Anne Cook My gran Cossar was great friends with Mr and Mrs Harkness who stayed in Calderview !!-am I right that there was a piggery behind it ?- can still smell it in my memory !!

Janet Cochrane The piggery was across the road

Kenny Macfarlane Born 1963 and stayed in no 58 hunthill road until about 5,grandparents stayed in same block

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  1. Your photo shows both my mother and sister Martha , in the pram would be Martha’s son Sandy my mother Jane Fulston lived upstairs number 38. Willie Thomson stayed on the other stairway. His grocers shop was below his house. Martha stayed with her husband William brown at 44 Huntill Road. GF

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