1978 Weddings of Blantyre folk

More 1978 weddings for you, the last for that year! Pictured is well known Blantyre man Sandy Wilkie of Bardykes Farm who married his beautiful bride, Miss Aisla Thomson of Carnwarth.

1978 Sandy Wilkie & Ailsa Thomson

Also that year, Blantyre couple, Mr Joseph Kane of Burnside Crescent married Miss Grace Keenan of Kirkwall Avenue, their wedding taking place at St Joseph’s Church on Glasgow Road.

1978 Joseph Kane & Grace Keenan

Both photos added to the growing Wedding Archive on Blantyre Project website.

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Sandy Wilkie The picture WAS in colour folks, honest – the wedding wasn’t colour cameras, just the Hamilton which hadn’t caught up! Thanks for reminding me this is a Ruby year!!

Catherine Paterson You just saved me working that out Sandy Wilkie xx

Anne Grogan I remember going up to the farm for milk and those darn geese chasing us down the lane. 🇨🇦

Sandy Wilkie I have an ex-pat Scot cousin here just now from Canada – she too doesn’t like the geese but I assure you and she, they are harmless really but excellent guard “dogs”!

Sandy Wilkie Btw Cathy, yours can’t be all that far away either!

John Cornfield It was the Gander Simon a precious and viscous gaits goose

Sandy Wilkie The fox got him, another example of why I’m not a Fox Fan!

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