1978 Weddings of Blantyre folk

Some more weddings from late in 1978 of various Blantyre folk. Do you know these people?

First couple is a Blantyre couple who were married in 1978 in St Andrew’s Church. Miss Anne Sim of Devondale Avenue married John Nicholas of Atholl Court. Photographs were taken by Hughes Photography.

1978 Anne Sim & John Nicholas wm

The next couple are also both from Blantyre. Beautiful bride Grace Keenan of Kirkwall Avenue married Michael Kane of Burnside Crescent at St Joseph’s Church in 1978.

1978 Grace Keenan & Michael Kane wm

and finally in 1978, Mr William Lindsay , a Castlemilk Glasgow man, married Janet Brown of Jedburgh Street at High Blantyre Old Parish Church. Again, photos were by Hughes.

1978 Janet Brown & WIlliam Lindsay wm

As always, all photos are added to the Blantyre archive, but if the couples featured for any reason don’t wish them to be added to the website archive, please just let me know. Thanks.

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Helen Williams Hughes photography must have been very popular, or maybe the only choice in Blantyre in the 70s all my Wedding photos are Hughes

Helen Reilly It was Hughes photography that took my parents wedding pictures in 1957

Linzi Alexander Lynne Nicholas is that your mum and dad xxx

Liz Smith It is linzi x

Linzi Alexander Liz Smith thought that xxx

Carol Keatt Hasties farm after the church remember it well 😂😂

Dorothy Doherty Hughes done my wedding photos in 1977

Marian Maguire It was pat Hughes that took ours in 1975.

Sandy Wilkie A great year to get married!

Catherine Murphy Think Hughes was the only photographer in Blantyre they did my wedding photos 1971

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