1973 J&A Smith Advert


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Look at what you could buy in Broompark Road in 1973!

Who remembers Smiths Garage ?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Bill Graham I remember it well I had a friend who’s brother was an apprentice there also the fuel pumps at the end of the drive way between the Dales and Broompark Rd.

Henry Hambley Long established garage which my father used even after we had moved to Hamilton.

Margo Clayton My dad bought all his cars from Smith’s. I bought my first car there too. A bright yellow metro ☺️

John Lynaghan Worked there as an apprentice before I left for the Royal Navy spent many ab hour running between the workshop and petrol pumps serving petrol

Linda Mccaig Did you know George Robertson?

John Lynaghan George from Hamilton

Moyra Lindsay Our living room window looked onto Smiths garage and the funerals left from there too. We hired our wedding cars there, Betty who did the accounts lived in the little tenement in the grounds of the garage. We also bought our petrol there. In return they were all customers at my shop. We left there in 1969. Everything we needed in life and death was within 100 yards of that flat in the Dales!

Davie McLachlan The owners of Smiths Garage lives across the road from me in Auchinraith Road when I was there from 87 to 91.

John Bulloch Got cars serviced and motd there even when staying in east kilbride bought a black meastro from them had it for years😊

Thomas Barrett Johnny Barclay worked there as a mechanic.
Lynn Allitt I worked in the office after I left school for a couple of years. 95-97 I think.

Carolyn Whittaker My Gran Jean Brownrigg worked there.

Maisie Whittaker We hired our wedding cars there

John Connachan Me and wee mick Flynn, George Longmuir and wee tuck Watson all worked there, a merry band of bandits lol

Flynn Flynn Great times JC..🤯 😂😂

Bruce Baldwin Remember it well and mrs smiths florists as well.

Joan Anderson Dad got his cars from there, wedding cars and funeral cars too. Mrs Smith did my wedding flowers in 1970

Sally Jamieson Remember it well.

Jane Paterson Got my wedding cars from Smithsx


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  1. I bought three cars from this garage. An Austin Metro and two Austin Maxi. It was great dealing with a small family business who provided such a personal service.

  2. Yes bought a metro there good garage but why did it close

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