High Blantyre Post Office


1920s Main street post office wmPictured during 1910’s is High Blantyre Main Street. The Post office on the far left, with Andrew Gilmour’s shop adjacent. It would appear that one of the Gilmours may be standing in the doorway for the photo. A small child sits outside the post office, perhaps waiting for him mammy inside. It’s a great photo.

The space further along between the tenements is now where Family Shopper is. I think i much prefer seeing this part of High Blantyre as a prominent retail area.

The full photo as shown below:

1920s Main Street Bank1 wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Elizabeth Weaver That’s where our mum Jean Weaver had her shop (Kiddiwear), a few shops along from the PO.


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  1. Goodness, I was unaware to look for questions here! House number in 1901 was 42, no house name given. Their names: James Dickson, coal miner of Kirkfieldbank, his wife Margaret Dickson (Gemmell) of Edinburgh, and their son, my grandfather, coal miner, James Dickson. The latter was main subject of my book. My curiosity was their proximity to 37 Low Blantyre Rd. Other relatives lived at Low Blantyre, at least through 1891 – John and Agnes Dickson, and the Barr family of Whitburn. (all census data from ScotlandsPeople are Crown copyright National Records of Scotland)

  2. Hi there,

    My mum lives on High Blantyre Road and I have done a little bit of research. Did your ancestors live at Glenlee Cottages? Just out of interest, can you tell me their name an house number or house name?

  3. Thank you! I should have included this question: that was my grandfather. His cousin lived at 37 Low Blantyre Rd Hamilton. I find High B. on current maps, but not Low. Do you know if they were in the same vicinity?

  4. Census 1901 put my family at High Blantyre Road, Hamilton. Is this, that? Or, close? Thanks for the good pix.

    1. Hi, yes. this is about 1km away.

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