Nordic Crescent, Blantyre


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Nordic Crescent – is a small, contemporary residential crescent at Low Blantyre. Comprises of brick two storey houses with a small playpark in the middle. Built by Permission Partnership Homes on behalf of the West of Scotland and Clydevalley Housing Association, it is entered from Auchinraith Road and Elm Street.

The street was constructed between 2002 and 2004 replacing former 1950’s streets Beech Place and Hawthorn Place. Beech Place was demolished first around 2000 closely followed by part of Elm Street and Hawthorn Place.

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First tenants moved in during Summer 2003 whilst work was still continuing. Amongst them was the Duffy family and later Cambridge and McGuire families in early 2004. Leading off the cresent are cul de sacs Nordic Gardens, Nordic Grove and crescent Alpine Walk leading to Alpine Way. Western back gardens face on to Church Street and Logan Street.

Named with a Scandanivan theme, it is 66m above sea level located at 55Deg 47’23 .81’’ N and 4Deg 05’08. 50’’ W

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Helen Lawson Taylor Wouldn’t recognise it now .x
Gill McGuire Aww miss my wee house in alpine walk

Etta Morrison Looks a different area altogether..lovely xx
Annette McMahon Cambridge I lived in Hawthorn place moved to Logan st then was offered a house in Nordic cres it’s funny for me as my Hawthorn place flat would have sat roughly about the bottom of my drive now

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