1978 Weddings of Blantyre folks

More 1978 weddings of Blantyre folks. Do you know any of the couples whose happy photos feature here?

Rosemary Leggate of 38 Morris Crescent, Blantyre married John Murray in St Andrews Church.

1978 Rosemary Leggate & John Murray wm

Also, Mr Charles Gordon Graham of Causeystanes, High Blantyre married Miss Ethel Slaven of East Kilbride.

1978 Charles Graham & Ethel Slaven wm

and finally, this happy photo is Allan Thomson of Springwell Crescent who married his beautiful bride Miss Antonia Moscardini.

1978 Antonia Moscardini & Allan Thomson wm

These photos added to the Wedding Archive. If anybody featured in them does not wish the photos to be archived, for whatever reason, get in touch. Thanks.

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Debbie Dick The last one is my mum and dad, Alan and Antonia

Caroline McDougall I remember when your mum and dad were dating Debbie Dick x

Andrew McPeake Gordon Graham is this your Mum and Dad?
Gordon Graham Aye mate it is lol
Andrew McPeake I thought so mate, how’s things?
Gordon Graham Good mate in work getting snowed in lol

Frances Reid Gordon stayed behind us I was Selkirk street my sons played with him and Sammy who joined the army with my middle son x
Gordon Graham Sadly my dad past away in 1995 I still great memories of him sum guy he was .

Elaine Steel No denying who ur dad is!!!!! Bryans double!!! That’s nice to crop up in the paper x

Marian Maguire Lovely pictures and memories of Blantyre folk.
Christina Mayer Maybe we will see your pic Marion
Jim Frame I was in the same class as rosemary
Margaret Lappin Aw this pic had pride of place in Esther’s wall cabinet, great memories of Gordon growing up xx god rest his soul xx ❤️

Jacqueline Hunter Such a great couple, got some great memories x

Davy Thomson Alan’s my bro paul

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