Tae Absent Souls


Our final post of the year, our own little poem…..
for you.

We’re quick tae mourn celebs no here,
tae those of fame, yet shed nae tears,
‘this years bin rough’, we’re quick tae moan,
but real sadness, kept tae oor own.

Blantyre faithers, brothers and sons,
nae longer here, we miss yeez tons,
Blantyre maithers, sisters and daughters,
We light yon candle, ’cause we ought to.

We raise oor glass tae absent friends,
tae those we’ve hurt, we make amends,
We look aroon for whit we’ve got,
Tae family, happiness, health, the lot.

We toast kind people, the night must work,
‘an those we know, doon on their luck,
2017 is gone, its back we’ve seen,
‘an we look tae a peaceful 2018.

by Paul Veverka Dec 2015


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