Main Street, High Blantyre 1960’s


1960s Main Street wm

Another previously unseen online photo! This time going back to the 1960’s to High Blantyre Main Street.

On the left just out the picture would be modern day “Family Shopper” or people may remember the Stones Hotel in the era pictured. The gable end just after the low wall is where Wilson’s shop was, with Jim Paton’s barber shop on the top floor. Only a small portion of that tenement still exists. Roads are of course busier, the pavements narrower, but the scene otherwise, is largely unchanged,

The chemist used to be on the right hand side. Whats YOUR memories of this area?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Margaret Elma Griffin I remember Wilson’s shop one of our neighbours from Cemetery Road Lizzie Dow used to work there I also remember when the Stones Hotel was a big private house l have actually been in it when it was a house my friends Jean and Anne Talis lived in the bungalow behind Wilson’s just at the beginning of Victoria Street been in the Chemist many a time

Blantyre Project i have a photo of 1930s children in front of Cemetery Road tenements. Will schedule a little post on that in due course. Merry Christmas Margaret.

Gary Doonin I’m sure the house which became Livingstone Hotel was a big house owned by Devanney family don’t know if it’s the family involved in the coal business . In 73 74 Brian Connelly of the glam rock band The Sweet was in it one night

Lon McIlwraith When the modern hotel opened in the early 70s my band played our first gig in the back function room. Also on the bill that night was Johnnie No Cash, no kidding!
Patricia Hutcheson Docherty There was a Hairdressers up stairs in Devanney,s and I worked as a junior on a Saturday
Carole M Castle My mum did quite a lot of shopping in Wilson’s especially getting their sliced gammon for our sandwiches x
Robert McLeod-Wolohan when i lived in victoria street i used to go to wilsons shop for my gran, i was only a young boy then, but i still remember it very well, and i used to collect beer bottles and take them to the auchinraith vaults where i would get money for them lol such very fond memories.
Stephen Kelly I remember Wilson’s from the 80s. When I was a wee boy my mum sent me for tatties the bag burst but undeterred by this minor mishap, I soldiered on, finally arriving at the house with about two spuds left in the bag and a trail of them from ours to the shop

Arlene Campbell I used to go to to Wilson’s with a shopping list and my net shopping bag aged 8/9 .. would take a short cut down from high blantyre to burnbrae rd down the side of the cemetery wall … now closed off

Stephen Speirs Used to live at 240 Main Street – the dales. I remember the barber and Jim Paton. And shop just out of picture. Remember buying crisps for 7d then 2.5p after decimalisation. I’ll ask my mum & dad / they will know more

Catherine Murphy I Lived in Moray place in 1972 there was no houses in front of it we could see the back of the chemist and the cottages on the main street


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  1. Was Bill Holland’s Electrical shop not there at one point? It would have been the one next to the lane between Stones and the other building.

    1. Hi Jim – Yes, Was that not part of the building you see pictured. Only 1 level of that corner exists now, but there still is a HOLLAND sign above the derelict building.

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