1977 St Blanes Football Team

This photo is 1977, St Blane’s Primary Football Team. Do you recognise anybody or the teachers?

1977 St Blanes Football Team wm

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Kerry Hutcheson Mr Golligley on the left and Head Teacher Mr O’Neill on the right

Hugh Sugar Kelly Terry Mc Crory 3rd from left front row

Michelle Hutcheson Meechan Paul Murray name and shame 😂😂Stephen Fallon, far right bottom row, Brian Fallon top middle (goalie)
Koren Boyle Neil Mcarthur dad is this u ?
Christian Henderson Paula Mccrory that you’re Terry? X
Paul Ducie The Invincibles that season, Kenny 😊

Kenny Shaw Lol 😂😂😂
Matthew Neil John wee were away long before that was taken

ManageJohn Cornfield Top left next to teacher is George Mc Laughin bottom row 2nd from left Paul Murray and next to him with the red hair Terry McCory

Brian Hughes mr gologley, george mc laughlin , brian hughes, paul ducie ,brian fallon,stephen mc hugh,pat gallacher ,peter bonner,mr o neil bottom row ….. mc arthur? paul murray, terry mc grory,steven kelly , mark mc adam? & stephen fallon
Stephen Fallon Marc o Farrell, Brian and Neil mcarthur
Marion Jones Is the boy top right with long hair Charlie Mccue

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  1. Brian Hughes named everyone correctly. Clean sweep of all available trophies.

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