1970 Gormley – Pederson Wedding

Maria Pederson messaged me a few weeks ago saying, “Hi there, I saw your post about 1970s weddings. Just thought I would share a picture of my parents on their wedding day at St Josephs in Blantyre on 17th June 1970. My mum Miss Elizabeth Gormley of 8 Knightswood Terrace, Blantyre married Mr Henry Pedersen from Vonge in Denmark. My father was sailing on the Guinness ship between Glasgow and Dublin and they met I think in January of 1970 at a party in The Village East Kilbride.”


Thank you to Maria for sharing this beautiful picture.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Marian Maguire I think my mother and father in law were at this wedding.
John Lynaghan Were you a twin I lived at number 24 and did you have a brother who had the fruit and veg shop in stonefield Rd
William Mullen did twins not go away 2 be nuns !?
Jane Maxwell That was Kathleen and Roseleen I think I got that right. I went through school with them are you Helen Lynaghans brother John? My own name was McLaughlin.

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