1978 Weddings of Blantyre folk


More weddings of Blantyre folks! This time all Blantyre girls,  marrying men from outwith Blantyre in 1978.

1978 Margaret Doonin & Ian MacDonald wm

In Autumn 1978, Miss Margaret Doonin of 124 Auchinraith Road married Ian MacDonald of East Kilbride. The couple married in St Joseph’s Church, Blantyre.

1978 Martha Morrison & Ian Elliot wm

Around the same time, Miss Martha Morrison of 109 Broompark Road, High Blantyre married Ian Elliot of Hamilton. This was a Blantyre Congregational Church Wedding.

1978 Rosemary Ryce & Colin Naismith wm

Also in 1978 Miss Rosemary Ryce of 36 Morris Crescent married Mr Colin Naismith of Hillhouse, Hamilton. The happy couple married in St Josephs RC Church on Glasgow Road.

All photos and a little information is now in the main Blantyre Weddings archive on Blantyre Project.

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Anne Cook Martha was my oldest and best friend till she passed away10 years ago!-We still see Ian when he is in Scotland
Blantyre Project Im sorry to read that Anne. Her wedding photo has such happiness.

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