1999 Station Road

1999 Top Station Road wmThis photo, whilst a little random, was taken at a time before digital photography and google-earth street maps and at least lets you see Station Road 18 years ago. Taken by a camera with film, near the junction of Glasgow Road, at the exact location of the former Toll House.

Can anybody name the businesses that were in the building on the right over the years (as well as the homes there).

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Martin Smith Old barber shop where the Indian take away shop. Bookies.
Steven Brown Shaky Shug. 👍👍👍
Thea Borland Mcnamee The barber was also my husbands uncle..andy McNamee..him n cleary shared for a while then cleary retired and and run barbers for many yrs on his own
Thea Borland Mcnamee Many many yrs ago the shop that is the barbers now used to be a wee mini supermarket..b4 stepeks…. i remember going in an getting my grans shopping an you bought toilet roll by the rolll in it so you cud buy as many as you want..
Arlene Campbell Gallachers
Geraldine McLaughlin We used to live in number 11 Station road which can be seen in the photo. I’m think the shop on the corner was called Gallacher’s.
Sadie Dolan Where stepek was in the corner where hairdresser is there was a small super market used go in for sweets before I went to school x
Sharon Morrison Doonin Gallagher’s store then Stepek.
John Lynaghan Jimmy Cleary and Andy MacNamees barbers the Mecca bookies Stepek
Wullie Mourning And shaky Shug!! 😂
Stephen Allan Who is Shaky Shug? . I remember going in there early nineties round about 91/92 and there was only two guys and one used to cut your hair near the window and he was a taller man and the one at the other end was a wee guy. I know one of them was Jimmy Cleary as my mum and dad called it Jimmy Clearys.
Gordon Mather The news agent was Mauchlins, Bobby Hamilton had the fruit and Veg shop, Bertie Lombardie had the chippie , think it was called the Livingstonian or something similar, Gallagher had the grocer on the corner and I’m sure the fish shop at the other end going down Glasgow road, Bookies and Macnamee the barber were on Station Road, good old days
Jessie Harrison McWilliams was the name of the shop that is now the barbers. When I was at St Joseph!s primary my teacher used to send me to the shop foe cake for the staff room tea about 53 years ago.
William Mullen frank cassidy…barber…60s….sweeny todd lol
William Mullen norries fishcakes !
Anne Irvine Was the wee shop next to Mauchlines…Agnes Hamiltons ? Used to sell the red kola jubilees. lol
Stewart Willis That was my grans shop we sold hundreds of jubilee lol although as a kid I may have ate more than we sold lol
Stewart Willis The inside of that wee shop was like alladins cave. Here is my great uncle Bobby and gran Agnes Hamilton in the background

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Hugh Innes What a women Agnes Hamilton was dry humour and a sharp tongue
Stewart Willis Aye you knew where you were lol
Anne Irvine Brilliant…….lol
Jan Ette Brown was speaking to your Dad tonight Stewart Willlis I used to work in the happy seasons with him

 Nancy McFadden Great to hear all those names forgot all a out Agnes Hamilton’s
Kathleen Duffy Way back before bookmaking was legalised the bookies shop was a pawn shop. It was the early 60s the pawn shop was taken over by Charlie McGuigan who ran it for many years before selling out to Mick O’Hare
Elizabeth Cushley Weir There was a wee shop there x
John Mcgaulley mick o hare bookies flash Cassidy barbers
Nina Muir And the railings, with no parked cars on the now very busy junction. Bring back the railings!
Stewart Willis When I was a kid my gran had the fruit and veg shop. As I remember it was Gallagher fish shop then my gran Agnes Hamilton’s fruit and veg then Mauchlines paper shop Bert Lombardi fish and chicken then Gallachers mini market. The bookies and then Andy McNamee and Jimmy Cleary the barbers.
Stewart Willis The mini market was also a furniture place as well
Kenneth Downie templetons on the other side and it was the broadway before that
Stephen Allan I thought the building was demolished after the cinema and then the new building was built which opened as the credit union.
Kenneth Downie It was demolished but was templetons then the rent office
James Docherty Jimmy cleary barbers, william hill bookies, stepek, across the road was corner pocket snooker club, next to it where liber 8 is now was once a bookies cant mind the name of it thinking stanley rancing but not sure and mauchlins shop round the corner
Gerald Kellachan The corner shop was Mrs MacWilliams ( her daughter who worked in it and eventually ran it died just recently ). Before that it was Gibsons Grocers. Next door before Charlie McGuigan s Bookies was Bobby White Plumbers. On Glasgow road ,Bertie LombardiSee more
Stevie Gill Jimmy Cleary n stepek
John Lambie Frank Cassidy barbers
Frances McDonald Mc Williams was the corner shop ,then Bert lombardies ,paper shop,Hamilton’s fruit &veg and Gallaghers fish shop.
Anton Le Grandier Mauchlines on the main road.Jimmy Cleary’s barbers on Station road.
Elspeth Mcgregor The shop on the corner was owned for years by Mrs McWilliam and her two daughters who lived further down Station Road on left hand side.
Elspeth Mcgregor Round the corner on the main Glasgow Road there was the chip shop owned by the Lombardi family who lived in the building on Station Road then there was Mauchlines paper shop then the fruit shop
Sam Plunkett Jimmy Cleary’s
Kirsty Liebow Stepik, mauchlans, bobby’s fish mongers
Aileen Farrell Jimmy Cleary’s, and I think bookies.
Philip Pohler Yep Jimmy Cleary’s – for a bowl cut
John Gillespie Whites the plumbers shop.
Paul Reilly Across the road amusements I think
Drew Burnett The men’s barber shop that I used to go to as a boy for my haircuts. Two old guys ran it, can’t remember their names but they were a couple of characters!
Mark Drummond No need 4 that now eh drew 😉😂😂😂
Drew Burnett Your right mate.
Marion Brownlie We got our first house in this building (lombadies) 60years ago our rent was seven pounds a quarter that’s 13weeks the families that lived there then end downstairs were Tom Weir then Margaret Stewart nee Lombardi’s upstairs ashbridge family Mackie family up next close clela Maguire nee Lombardi’s Brownlie’s then Bert Lombardi’s family up next close Mortimers family then the owner Mrs Lombardi’s and son
Linda Halpin Clearys the barber and betting shop


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  1. Paul I think in the late 50s it was Frank Cassidy Barber and Charlies the Bookmakers Regards Jim Muir

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