1978 Weddings of Blantyre folk


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1978 Jeanette McMullen & Allan Lee wm

Miss Jeanette McMULLEN of 11 Maxwell Crescent, High Blantyre and Mr Allan LEE of Hamilton were married in Summer 1978 at Blantyre’s Congregational Church.

1978 Margaret Andrews & Thomas Graham wm

Rutherglen lady Miss Margaret ANDREWS also got married in Summer 1978. She married husband Thomas GRAHAM of 6 Morris Crescent, Blantyre. The couple married in Rutherglen.

1978 Margaret Tallis & Edward McBride wm

Also in Summer 1978, Miss Margaret TALLIS of 23 Rannoch Court, High Blantyre married  Mr Edward McBRIDE of 64 Fernslea Avenue. The Blantyre couple married in St Joseph’s Church on Glasgow Road.

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Cathy Harper Jeanette Lee. Allan Lee. You haven’t changed a bit. X
Linda O’Donnell remember Jeanette and Margaret from Calder St
Fiona Jones Recognised you straight away Jeanette
Jeanette Lee McMullAn lol. 22nd April 1978 x loving these updates x
Letitia Mitchell New you right away Jeanette not changed a bit xx

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