Blantyre Telegraph Annual

If I was to produce a Blantyre Telegraph “Annual” around Christmas time every year, looking back on the previous years Blantyre news stories, photos, laughs, highs and lows, would you guys be interested?

If the book was priced around £8 or £9 with all profits going to charity would this be something YOU may like? Perhaps as a christmas gift to family, friends or just for you?

This is something I’ve been thinking of for some time, but it would also be dependent upon acceptable public interest and securing some sponsorship and adverts within the book itself before we embarked on such a venture. It just seems such a great way of recording our modern history in one place. It would be easier than you may think as stories and comments are already there online.

Attached are several concept mockups of how such a book would look. Slightly smaller than A4 size, it would be black and white with a premium colour version for a couple of quid more.

Of course the people who featured in stories and have commented here throughout the year would feature heavily too!

If YOU would like to see this come to be….please leave me a comment below.


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  1. I agree &would also buy it

  2. A great idea Paul. I would buy !!!

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