1967 More Blantyre Weddings

Today, I have some more Blantyre “modern” weddings from 1967. Three couples all with Blantyre connections. As you may be aware, I’m creating a large archive of Blantyre Wedding photos on Blantyre Project main website, so these posts may become frequent in the short term. Feel free to comment if you recognise these people.


Mr Daniel Crawford and Miss Catherine Park when they got married in 1967 were both from the same street in Blantyre, living at Hazelwood Drive. The lovely couple were married in St Joseph’s RC Church on Glasgow Road.


In 1967, Mr Findlay Hill of 229 Tobermory Road, Cathkin married his Blantyre sweetheart, Miss Janet Johnston, of 63 Farm Road. The couple in this lovely photo were married at the Anderson Church on Stonefield Road, Blantyre.


Finally today, but by no means least, in 1967, Blantyre lady Miss Margaret Easton married to husband Robert Boyd of 11 Gauxe Road, Boness. The couple were married at Stonefield Parish Church.

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Helen Grieve Margaret Easton was in my class at school. I wonder where she is now. She had an older brother if I remember correctly.
Moyra Lindsay Helen Grieve were you at Auchinraith?
Archie Peat Margaret East on was born in the prefabs in Station Road and the family moved to Livingstone Cresc. In 1957 when the prefabs were demolished , She had an elder brother called Nisbet who still lives in Blantyre . When Margaret married she went to live near Edinburgh where she still lives to this day . Her Father Abe was for many years the Ticketmaster at Blantyre station.
Anne Brown Findlay and Janet now live in Park Lane
Andrew Mckinnon I am sure this is the same Findlay Hill i worked beside in my first job at Richmond Park laundry 57 years ago.
Moyra Lindsay Looking forward to ours!
Lesley Topping Findlay and Jean Hill are my parents celebrating their golden wedding this year 😊 wait til I tell them they’re on Facebook 😂
Hilary Cox That’s really cool!
Jennifer Johnstone-Hepburn We live next door to them now 😊 x
Peter Kelly Findlay and Jean Hill were neighbours of ours in Park Lane. My mum and dad and Mr and Mrs Hill must be the last of the few who originally moved in when the new houses were built in about 1972/73. Hi Lesley.
Lesley Topping Hey Peter! Yeah they must be.fab memories of growing up in park lane 😊
Jackie Thom I didn’t know you came from Blantyre Lesley Topping. Are yo u anything to the twins Paul and Stephen Hill????
Lesley Topping Yes Jackie Thom I’m a Blantyre girl. No relation but know who they are 😘.
Jackie Thom Oh right. Its just I went to school with them. I’m also a Blantyre girk😊😊 xx
Carole Crawford Danny & Cathie Crawford are my parents. My mum still lives in Hazelwood drive where they met. Unfortunately my dad passed away in 2003, we all still miss him terribly. Thanks for posting this it made me smile 💜
April Stewart-Cross Fab photo CC Carole Crawford
Carole Crawford Int it April 💜💜
Jimi O’neill Amazing couple married in an amazing year!!
Marion Miller Yes
Bryan Crawford My uncle danny and auntie Cathy!❤️❤️❤️
Kathleen Byrne Clarke Brilliant pic Carole xx
Alex Moore Gary Doonin Gary away back many a race was arranged in Kellys pub across the road from the track at Rosedale at 78 my memory fades but I will always remember the night it was a distance race and they forgot to change the trip switch to stop the hare coming after a sprint race and bobby forest ran on to change it an he got hit with the hare arm and went up in the air almost the height of the lights everyone thought he was dead void race unhappy punters as the fav was well in front at the time many years ago
Gary Doonin Ha ha ha nice one Alex . Loved that old place 6 year old to 16 worked it in all weathers . Remember the power strike in 1973 only way could use floodlights through a generator a ban on power . Anyway ma da brought in an old tractor and van trailer and just tossed a few cables on the top everybody thought it was a generator and my dad then just put on the lights as normal
Alex Moore Gary another classic was wee pat latta had a dog called brutas it was a mile clear in the jack cousins Xmas final and pat was hanging over the fence on the home straight shouting go on my son come on my son and the dog ran over to him everybody was in fits of laughter as it was the final it was good prize money poor pat was devastated

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