1963 Merrylees Road


1963-merrylees-road-wmThis photo of Stonefield Road primarily shows the Anderson Church and the large hall adjacent to it (now Smiths Funeral Parlour). At the top, the entrance into Blantyre Bowling Club and a few small trees planted in Pilot Acre at the top right.

However, my interest was peaked to see the homes being constructed at Merrylees Road at the bottom right. The houses were ready in 1963, so the date may still be 1962 or 63. How incredibly modern and luxurious it must have felt to have homes with balconies, by comparison to the clearance of all the old miner’s homes all over Blantyre in previous decades.

Whilst looking at this modern photo, I noticed the trees have all been cut down in front of the Church Hall and around the side on the Bowling Club Road.


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