1959 – 60 St Blanes Primary School


Pictured here in 1959/60 school year are the Blantyre pupils of St Blanes Primary School. The school had only recently opened a couple of years earlier and this clear, good quality photo has been shared by Patrick Irwin.

I’ve zoomed in on all the pupils as I’m positive many of these people will still be in Blantyre, perhaps born in the early 1950s. If you know anybody, please feel free to tag or comment.

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Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Think that’s Hugh mcsorley top 4th in right ?
Margaret Brown Burns Definitely a Mcsorley and Andy Pirrie sitting at the front
Anne Marie Murray I said that right away Margaret Hugh! x
Wilma Hayburn McNulty Sarah Sked that’s your Mary first row seated fourth from right sitting next to Mary Mc Ginty and on the end Margaret McKay Margaret McCann on the end left hand side two more along Jane Pickering behind Jane may maxwell Cathy Crawford in it to know a lot of faces the girl Barkley next to Margaret Mc Cann next to Andrew Pirrie the fellow Mullvany bring back a lot of memories xx
Teresa McKinnon OMG Wilma you have a good memory I din’t recognise any of the faces, been away from Blantyre too long ( Teresa Murray)
Wilma Hayburn McNulty Teresa it was amazing looking at the photo xx

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