1910 Station Road, Blantyre



I love this photo of Station Road and suspect it was taken for many reasons, not just its charm. Capturing an everyday scene of horse and cart traffic, not a sign of any vehicle, unlike the parked cars on either side today.

It was taken in 1910, perhaps due to the recent upgrade of the road, which by all accounts around the turn of that Century was amongst the worst muddy quagmire in Blantyre!

The villas look new, their stonework pristine and clean. This was a sign of things on the up for Blantyre, a modern area of large homes close to the train Station that so many people relied upon for business and pleasure. The station’s proximity made these homes valuable and desirable and a far cry from miners homes scattered elsewhere throughout Blantyre.

(c) Blantyre Project

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Gordon Mather I still remember the tenement style row on the right, there was a corner shop at the end, circa 1978, my school pal stayed in the first Villa on the left, AC
The Blantyre Project Nicholson’s shop.
Elizabeth Sloan The new looks great .I see the same when i go home to Belfast amazing changes
Peter Kelly Grew up just around the corner in Park Lane. Had pals that lived on Station Road and my gran lived on Station Road for a short while. So walked up and down that road countless times. Also remember the corner shop at the end of the tenements. Excellent old photo.
Anne Irvine Gordon Mather was that Alan Carroll?
Gordon Mather Yes you got it on 1 Anne,
Lynn Gaittens Helen Gaittens we know this house? Yes!
Helen Gaittens We certainly do.. xx
Barry Carrigan Stayed in the second house on the left(1974-79) the Carrols to the left and the Connors to the right,
great memories.

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