Catholic Burials at Dalbeath


1877 Catholic Register for miners burried at Dalbeath originalMany thanks to Alex Rochead who sent me this 1877 list of interments at Dalbeath Cemetery. From October 1877, it features the Catholic miners who were not buried in Blantyre, but instead taken to Dalbeath (St Peters Cemetery) following their funerals.

It lists the horrifying reality of the Blantyre Mining Disaster, listing the reason those men died as “accident”. The entries are in quick fire succession, the men mostly of a young age. The register itself is held in Edinburgh.

I find this a shame that so many of the victims of the pit disaster ended up being buried outwith Blantyre.

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Catherine Murphy So sad they were buried outwith Blantyre my they rest in peace

Henry Hambley What was the reason behind this decision ?

The Blantyre Project I know that Robert. The victims families religion most likely determined fully that they wanted their loved ones in a cemetery for other people of the same faith.

Betty McLean Because of their religion how sad, thankfully more people are more tolerant and understand life is too short to hold on to one way of worshiping.


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  1. Could this Michael Cairns (Catholic), be related to my great grandmother Helen Cairns of Blantyre?

    1. I’m not sure Mike. There were many Cairns in Blantyre.

      1. Mike McGovern (New York).

        Is the city of Cairns in Australia named for this family in Blantyre? How popular is the name throughout Scotland?

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