The Blantyre Saint, by Gerry McLaughlin

In 1987, Gerry LcLaughlin wrote a nice tribute to John Graham, as follows:

The Blantyre Saint

“This poem is dedicated to a Christian called John Graham,
Who put his trust in Jesus Christ, or Saviour, bless his name,
A sinner like the rest of us, was destined for to burn,
But he gave his heart to Jesus, and from his sins did turn.
At first he did not have the truth, and thought life couldn’t be finer,
Then looking at nature’s beauty thought, a design must have a designer.
The lost souls on the streets today, it saddened John to see
So many on the sinful path to a lost eternity.
So John vowed unto our Lord, that all who’d gone astray,
He’d lead them t’wards the glorious path, and speak to one each day.
So John’s been on the Blantyre streets, how long? He can’t remember,
Big Georgie says two hundred years and four months come December.
Forgive me John for my wee joke, believe me this is true,
For all the people you have helped, I really envy you.
Because all the angels up in heaven are of one accord,
For all the souls that you have led to Jesus Christ our Lord.”

John Graham died on the 1st December 1993, aged 94 years and is buried in Priestfield Cemetery. You can read much more about John Graham and his family in a  book called “people like us can’t – memoirs of a brickie” by James Graham, the son of John. It’s now available to buy on Amazon.


On social media:

Marian Maguire Remember him well.

Winifred Murphy Just found this and yes I remember him. I was a child and did not listen to what he said but he was part of Blantyre that was always there…

Martha Grieve Yes I remember John when I was a little girl me and all my friend use to watch him some times he had other people with him an would sing song on the street and as I got older I remember him out side the houses calling on all the sinners and he did that for years .

Gary Doonin A great man who stuck by his beliefs in the face of prejudice and ignorant people trying to ridicule the man but they were the ridiculous ones . Instead of all these politicians and other narcissists (maybe wrong spelling) having places and streets named after them ,then I think Mr Graham should be afforded the same one of Blantyres best characters .

Moyra Lindsay Hi Gary, I handed a photo into the pub yesterday, it was taken at back of the Auchinraith Road house around 1930. Frank is in it, would he be about 5 then? My mum, uncle Jim, aunt Flora and Betty are in it. It would be a huge excitement then. They nearly all had bare feet, and not because it was warm I think!

Margaret Brown Burns Remember Mr Graham very well I don’t think he missed out any street.

Susan Walker Graham I was scared of this man because always shouted out about the bible and was so serious….we used to call him bible john !!!

Moira Macfarlane I remember him well

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