Hoisting the Flag 1947

The 6th January 1947 and the flag gets hoisted above Dixons Pit 1, High Blantyre on the day the mine was Nationalised. It attracted a large crowd of spectators from all over, including the families of the miners themselves.

As well as Andra McAnulty attending, Councillor Jimmy Beecroft and other officials from the colliery watched on as the miners who had long awaited this day, got the chance to hoist the NCB flag, high above the offices.

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Helen Hills That must have been a great day for the miners. It removed them from low pay and exploitation from the owners of the pits. Of course we all know it ended badly some decades later.

The Blantyre Project better working hours, pensions, sick pay, promotion opportunity, proper holiday time, it was something many unions fought for such a long time.

Amelia Caullay .my dad was a bevan boy conscripted into the pits he stayed in mining all his working life so proud of him and all miners

The Blantyre Project exceptionally hard life, just to keep everybody else warm and moving in their daily lifes.

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