1949 High Blantyre Primary

Another previously unseen school photo. Shared here kindly from Bill Beers who dropped it in to my home whilst on holiday from Canada. His wife Susan was in this class. The date is 1949 and it’s Miss Galloway’s class at High Blantyre Primary School on Hunthill Road. The children here would now be in their 70s.

This is a picture less formal than normal, perhaps on a day trip. The picture is taken more rarely in the boys playground side of the school and shows a rare photo in the background of the old Adams Sawmill building on Main Street (now where Kirk Care is)

Back:  Martha Wilson, Agnes Johnson, Jean Gillespie, Mary Duxbury, Anne Benson, Annie McKean, Jean McCudden, Susan Wright and Barbara Forrest.

2nd from Back: Robert Wood, David Liddell, Drew Wardlaw, Charlie Miller, Drew Balfour, Willie Mcintyre, Charlie Mowbray, John Muir, Billy Gillespie.

2nd from front: Peter Rankin, Agnes Neilson, Margaret Kay, Isabel Fotheringham, Agnes Cropp, Lillian Easton, Margaret Walsh, Jean Robertson, Jean McKean, Willie Holmes.

Front: Willie Cropp, Willie Small, Jim Nimmo, John Dorricott, Jim Richardson, Jim Johnson, Jim Russell, John Muir and Andrew McCreadie.

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Jane Davies That’s your brother Jim there in the front row, Margaret Nimmo Lehmann.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Yes it is and he’s sitting next to John Dorricott, his wife Janie’s cousin

Ann Boyd My mum is in this picture x

Julie Tabor My Aunt Jean Foisy New Gillespie in here

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