1946 Stonefield Primary School

Pictured in 1946, and kindly shared here by Bill and Susan Beers (nee Wright), is Stonefield Primary School, Low Blantyre. Affectionately known as Ness’s, this is Class 1 taught by Miss Neilson. Beyond the wall I thought this was perhaps the area known as  Victoria place, nicknamed, “Honeymoon” but the houses look too nice to be those cramped miners homes and instead i think the viewpoint is to the east, over the wall to the former houses at the bottom of Craig Street, demolished in the late 1970s.

The children here may now be in their 70’s, but incredibly, I don’t have to ask this time if you recognise anybody, for Susan remembered to write all the names down.

Back :Ellen Wright, Harry Smith, Susan Wright, Jeffrey Greenhorn, Helen Lindsay, Gilbert Mooney, Helen Hunter, Peter Rankin, Margaret Johnstone, Robert Campbell, Anne Agnew.

Mid: Margaret, ?, Ina ?, Anna Cochrane, June Reid, Margaret Nicholls, Jean Hunter, Beth Gormley, Jean Clark, Margaret Spiers, Agnes O Neill, Margaret Campbell.

Front: Jim Berry, Beth ?, ? McMahon, John McCart, Isobel ?, Robert Mann, ? Beeton, Robert Fleming, Nancy McCulloch, Jim Anderson, Mary Campbell, ? Chisholm.
Donald Glen, Peter McDonald, Gavin Wylie, John ?

Lots of well known Blantyre names in there. Perhaps one of your relatives?

On social media:

Margaret Quinn I remember miss Neilson she was my first teacher at Nessies

John Greenhorn Jeffrey Greenhorn is my father, tragically he passed in 2000. Thanks for sharing this.

Sheena Thomson My two cousins Jean Hunter, and Margaret Spiers who sadly passed away earlier this year,Jean Hunter has been in America for over fifty years. Miss Neilson was my teacher when I started Nessies in 1956.

Marion Anderson Jean Maxwell any our mob here?

Carole-Ann Wright Sheena Mills, your lovely wee mum is in this pic x

Jean Maxwell marion we didn’t move to Blantyre until 1950

Jean Maxwell None of the Balfours Marion, Alec was ages with me so I think that would be the year before we were due to go to school
Ann Brannan Jim beaton

Colin Duffy It’s MA mum that’s in the picture front row 6th from the right

Allan W Watt We can’t find him either of course we didn’t know him with hair x

Sadie Dolan My mum in this PIC Margaret speirs,  Miss you mum,xx

Colin Duffy My mum is in this picture Barbara Duffy nee Beaton front row


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