1971 Where the Road ends

I like this aerial photo of Crossbasket and Greenhall from 1971. Not just because it shows the old Greenhall pitch n putt buildings, but it was a time in between the various phases of the EK Expressway being built.

By 1971, the EK to Crossbasket section of road had been completed, and is demonstrated nicely in this photo, with the EK Expressway, simply “ending” at Greenhall, merging into the smaller Hamilton Road leading down into High Blantyre. This is before Smellie’s detached house was built across from Greenhall.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 22.19.02

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Anne Ellis Remember with great fondness playing Pitch and Putt with my Papa x

Christine Wallace I know the expressway, like the M74, were necessary but I often feel they have created barriers and changed our understanding of the landscape. What do you think?

Jim McLean Remember well speeding down the dual carriageway and then having to brake for the narrowing into one lane down the hill at Crossbasket, good old days. It was great though as took all that traffic away from Main Street and poor old Hunthill Road copped it feeding Glasgow Road.

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