1953 High Blantyre Primary School

Still looking through all my late mother’s photos and Blantyre memories. This was a little tiny photo, perhaps off a slide, but I have scanned it as best as I can. Pictured in 1953 or 1954 is High Blantyre Primary School, Hunthill Road.

Mum, Janet is the little girl with the black sweater in the middle near the front. A rare departure from wearing school uniform, the children are all quite casually dressed, perhaps heading off or returning from a Summer outing. Do you know anybody or can tell me more?

1953/54 High Blantyre Primary School

1953/54 High Blantyre Primary School

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Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I don’t recognize anyone Paul, your Mum would have been 3 years or so older than me, but I do recognize the location. I had a look at my Primary 1 photo and there was only 1 girl wearing a tie and a few boys and in another later photo, only a handful were wearing ties, so we must have been allowed to dress up for photo day, as I remember always wearing the school uniform.

The Blantyre Project this photo does seem a little casual by comparison to the usual uniformed photos. Janny’s house to the left, over the wall.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann I have 3 class photos Paul and the majority of the class are casually dressed in all of them, that’s why I think uniforms weren’t mandatory then for class photos – I have one with a teacher I think might be Mrs. Glen that has been mentioned here before, but am not positive, as I can’t remember what she looked like, but judging by our age it looks like Primary 1. A few people in the photo still live in Blantyre.

Bill Duncan I recognise the ‘North’ twins. Jim in the back row 2nd from left, now living in Australia. Tom on the bottom row 3rd from left, now living in Canada.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann The North twins lived near me, but I never knew them that young – Tom would be retired now, but I understand he was a University Professor here in Toronto.

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  1. wonder if billy or sandy thomson is this photo

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