Old Style Cage Bins



Time to say goodbye

Out with the old!

OK, quite possibly I may be one of the last people in Blantyre to bin….my BIN! Whilst tidying up the garden, getting ready for the rest of Winter, I decided it was time to bin this old, metal cage bin, which I’m sure many Blantyre residents will remember. They opened on hinges, a lot of messing around with bin bags, nightmare for leaks and ashes and don’t even get me started on people burning the rubber lids!

To be fair, this bin was in my garden when I moved in, and I brought my modern wheelie bin with me. A little piece of trivia for you…..Wheelie Bins were introduced to Blantyre on 25th September 1989.

Who can remember the old cages? On social media, many of you did!

Anne Irvine
 They were actually used with paper bin bags !!!!! Remember only too well, cause the neighbours dog was always bursting them….grrrrrrr haha
Trisha Mcginty My bin like this was emptyed on a Friday, my mum had 2 wait 4 the coal fires ashes 2 cool down b4 she put them in the bin? Xx

Sharynn Sn Used to play in them mind them Frances Maguire we used to lock ppl in them when no bag was in lol!!!

Frances Maguire I think my mum still has it Sharynn Sn

Arlene Campbell When the bin men came into your garden to take the rubbish and would leave you a new bin bag tucked into the lid .

Geordie McClenaghan Used to steal the lids from them and use them as sledges😀

Steven Daley binbags used to get left on the street on a Wednesday for collection in my area. Wednesday was binbag day, we’d run down Coatshill Avenue on the way home from school jumping over all the binbags

KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay With big rubber lids!

Helen Robb I used to lock my sister in the cage when she was annoying me, lol,,,,,, then i’d get sent upstairs. Doh!! Maybe it was her shouting for mum that gave it away. Hehe. Xx

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