Old St Joseph’s Primary gone

Blantyre will remember 7th January 2016. The day the old St Joseph’s Primary School in Glasgow Road got bulldozed to the ground. The popular school was well known and attended by many people on this page and I’m sure will have a lot of memories for loads of Blantyre folk.

With the new school already built behind it, the gap at this area of Blantyre now is truly massive. There’s enough for a whole new housing estate, but rumours are of Aldi and other commercial retailers coming to Blantyre. If this is true, it may finally see a roundabout being built at the bottom of Stonefield Road, for the chapel hall will soon be demolished too, to be rebuilt with a more modern building at a later date. Asda could certainly do with some competition in Blantyre.

It took contractors until 29th January, to finish the demolition.

For now though, this picture (by Jim Donnelly) sums it all up. A sad day.

RIP St Josephs 07 01 15

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The Blantyre Project Last used as Muiredge Primary School (a temporary school whilst theirs in Uddingston was being built). I cant even begin to describe what a huge piece of land this now is vacant.

John McArdle My mum’s old school mary bell Calder st

John McCourt Great memories of my old School, Mr Mc Leod the Headmaster, wee John Drummond, Big Scout O Neill, The beed, Harry Kelly, Big Archie McKay and many more.

Alex Laurie Paul Reynolds, say goodbye to your old primary school.

John Krawczyk Oh no room 19 my old class room looks as if it’s going to be next. Remember my teacher Mr McShane and also Miss Cox.😀
Early days when I started I had Mrs Callaghan. All teachers were great and I enjoyed my time at St Joseph’s!
It is a sad day?

Paul Reynolds What? I remember Mr McLeod too…and Miss Harran my teacher

Mike Sampaio Wasn’t Tesco interested in that site ?

Margaret Duncan So sad – Mrs McKay was my register teacher – very strict but I liked her. Miss MacNeil (music) was my favourite. Was there from 1962 – 1966. I also had Miss Harran – she was mental – another mental teacher was Miss Tocher.

Neil Connel Mrs callaghan was my first teacher

Michael Mcginley remember the the sience class being in the old school with a coal fire and Archie McKay was the teacher

Elizabeth Dobson Grieve My father in law and his siblings all went to St Joseph’s. Sad to see some of the old school buildings knocked down. The new schools just look like warehouses with a few windows. So sad

Stephen Allan I went to David Livingstone Primary.

Colin Pitcairn Fond memories at St Joseph’s….

James Dick It was a great school was there in the early sixty’s

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  1. Sad to see.Went there 1948-1953,lots of memories.Attended St Pats Coatbridge 1954-1959 [demolished 2016 ] Served my apprenticeship at Caterpillar tractor Company 1959- 1964 [demolished] went to Canada 1966.Still live there. Enjoy the memories. Miss Harran, really liked her, Mary MacNeil scared me,liked he mother and her brother Joe, who taught me my first gaelic song.I still remember my first day when my sister Helen took me to school.We were squatters on Rosebank Avenue and I believe miss Cassidy the younger was my teacher.

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