2011 Aerial Photo of Blantyre


2011 Aerial Photo of Blantyre by Brian Young

2011 Aerial Photo of Blantyre by Brian Young

Brian Young contacted me in November 2015, saying, “Dont know if i have previously made you aware of the above photo.It was taken in 2011 by my son on a training flight from Strathaven Airfield. I know it is usually old photos you show but i thought this a wee bit different…..cheers Brian”

What a great photo of Low Blantyre. You can see the schools at Calderside Academy  and St Blanes, and the houses stretch from Springwells in the foreground right over to Bardykes in the background. The picture also demonstrates how little green space there is left within this area of Blantyre itself.

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John Harrison You can also see the old and new Auchinraith Primary schools

Tom Brown The houses at the bottom are Logan street with a bit of Timbertown

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