Annals of Blantyre 1885



The Annals of Blantyre , 1885. Original treasured book

One of the oldest Blantyre books I have is this one. “The Annals of Blantyre 1885” is a detailed account of Blantyre life in the 1880’s and refers back even then to recorded history of Blantyre. The book was written by the Rev Stewart Wright, a minister in the Parish at the time at Blantyre Old Parish. Rev. Wright was also a Senior Chaplain on HM SS Madras.

The book is sorted into headings including “Ecclesiastical, Civil History, Eminent Men, Natural History and Miscellaneous”. The account is well written and detailed and lends itself perfectly as some supportive narrative to my articles here. It’s one of the most favourite items I have.

I’ll be bringing you Blantyre tales and anecdotes from this book throughout 2016, as I begin the slow process of transcribing it over to The Blantyre Project, adding to it with my own references and subsequent news.

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