Stonefield Road from Russell’s Farm 1940s

1940's Russell's Farm looking to Stonefield. Shared by Elaine Russell

1940’s Russell’s Farm looking to Stonefield. Shared by Elaine Russell

Photographed in the 1940’s is a view from Wheatlandhead Farm (Russells’ Farm) at Stonefield looking across to Stonefield Road behind the hedge line in the distance. The photo is courtesy of Elaine Russell, whom a couple of years back gave me permission to share some of her family photos.

I thought I’d offer some information about what exactly is in this photo. To the left are two of the first homes on the Fernslea Avene estate, although those two in particular actually face on to Stonefield Road. Indeed, in the early 1930’s , eight homes were built in an art deco style facing on to Stonefield Road at the junction of Fernslea Avenue. On the avenue itself, another 8 homes were built, but Fernslea Avenue in the 1930’s was just a small Cul de sac, a hedge at the end separating the fields of Wheatlandhead. These 16 homes were semi detached, so 32 families lived in them, and still do, as the houses are there today. They’re actually quite large, and rather larger than the other homes (Orlits) later built on Fernslea Avenue in 1952. To show the extent of the first few homes, I’ve attached the 1936 map.

1936 Stonefield Map

1936 Stonefield Map

Back to this photo, behind the Stonefield Road homes you can just see the roofs of Dixon’s Rows, in particular Hall Street and park Street. Moving to the right again on the horizon you can see the Blantyre Health Institute and the taller Calder Street School silhouette. Finally, behind the tree on the right, further up Stonefield Road is the start of the Gas works, later to become Letham’s Bus Garage.

Wheatlandhead Farm was built in 1734 and was demolished in the 1960s. When the farmhouse was demolished, the Russell’s retained the original date stone.

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Marian Maguire I wonder if that’s the large sycamore tree at the bottom of our garden, we look to stonefield road at the back, and this was one of three sycamores in that area, one was burned by vandals the one near Merrylees road at the Scottish specials was struck with lighting. Ours is the only one left.


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  1. HI my name is joe I used to work for the Russell family in the 1980s . I remember Sheila and elaine and allan .And I also remember there father Robert . they where a lovely family and remember they moved to spain long time ago . that was the last I know about them .

    1. Elizabeth Whitelock

      Jim Russell was Shelia’s husband and when he died here
      Shelia and family moved to Spain
      Jim had 2 brothers Robert and Wilson
      Wilson who was the youngest died too

    2. Hi Joe , thank you for the lovely comment. We remember you! Alan still lives in Spain, my mum and I moved back to the UK and settled in Somerset back in 2013.

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