1904 High Blantyre Main Street near Cross

This excellent photo is shared here in the highest possible resolution. Using new software on my computer, I was able to zoom in on the detail and create several other smaller photos, highlighting areas of interest. The date is 1904, and the location is Main Street, High Blantyre looking west.

The building on the left foreground was a bakery owned by McKenzies. Beyond that the little single storey, low building, (now one of the oldest buildings on Main Street remaining) was built in 1823 and is currently ruined with the roof collapsed in. Figures walk over the crest of the Street at Kirkton Cross a full decade before any world war. To the right is Speirs Laun and in the foreground, a stone wall, which is now the entrance to Lomond View Flats. So much character and commerce in this photo. Blantyre Main Street at this location is a shadow of its former self.

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  • KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay The main street is horrible nowadays, bring back the quint homes and businesses!

  • Jean Boyd These photo’s are amazing, I just love to see how High Blantyre used to look, it looked so lovely.
  • James Stirling brilliant


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  1. The single story low building mentioned above was owned by an old woman named Mrs Skelly…..she ran a general store from there…we lived at 374 main st which was opposite the church but now demolished

    1. Hi Maggie – can you tell me a little more about this? What decade was this and was the store at the end of the block of mid terrace? Thanks.

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