1900 High Blantyre Primary School

This amazingly clear photo has kindly been shared by Isabel Fleming of East Kilbride. Pictured in 1900, is High Blantyre Primary School at Hunthill Road. The photo has been scanned at an exceptional resolution, allowing so much detail to be picked out. I’m not expecting people to know who these boys were, but remarkably one of them is known.

Little Arthur Leggat is second row 5th from left. He was born on 28 March 1895 at Springpark, Auchentibber. He later married to Annie Lamont Davidson on 1 August 1934 when next they set up home at 7 Stonefield Cresent. Arthur died aged 67 on 4 January 1963 at Strathclyde Hospital, Motherwell.

I’ve taken several snapshots from this one photo. Whilst not a fan of doing that, this particular photo is so detailed and clear, that it deserved a closer look. A mixed class of boys and girls. The teacher has a kind and caring expression, but the children look somewhat unhappy. Their clothes of different conditions, some quite fashionable, others very poorly dressed. Many of these children would have been born around 1894 or 1895 and I’m sure the boys would certainly have been of age in WW1 for enrolment to the army. There must be many Blantyre people today who are related to these children.

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Eoan Kerr Pretty sure some of these faces are still kicking around Blantyre in their Great/Great Great Grandchildren

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