Robertsons of Springwells ginger Label

Robertsons of Springwell, the “ginger” factory, or formerly aerated water.

The label alone brings back all the memories, but it was ginger beer that was my favourite.

Robertsons of Springwells 70s label

Robertsons of Springwells 70s label

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  • Thomas Fallon Robertson auld scotch ginger beer best hangover cure ever even better than irn bru
  • Jim Frame 5* ginger beer canny beat it
  • Carole Mackie Rickard We always had a mixed crate in the garage at home that my dad brought home from work – my fave was American Cream Soda 
    The Blantyre Project and throwing in a spoonful of ice cream into the soda in summer. Its all coming back!
  • Tom McGuigan I worked in Robertsons Carole Mackie Rickard Who was your Dad?
    • Carole Mackie Rickard Jim Mackie, he owned the garage in the Industrial Estate and the lorry went in there every week
    • Tom McGuigan I think my brother Mick worked for your da
    • Carole Mackie Rickard I’ve asked him and yes he did
    • Ali Smith My uncle worked in it (think he was a supervisor or something) -Tom (Tam) Smith and my brother too John Smith, actually think my other brother Colin Smith worked on vans too!
    • Tom McGuigan I worked between 78 and 81 don’t recognise the names Ali Smith
      Jeanette Allardyce Ward My step dad Alex Young worked there. My mum Agnes done cleaning in it for a while too
      Christine Allan Brown Me and my hubby both worked there
  • Auntie Jo A friend of my parents worked there. When she came to visit us she always brought us packs with ginger in them and we made ice poles out of them.
  • Shirley Ambrose Love, love it…..defo my fave
  • Sadie Dolan Loved the Auld Scotch,got to be Curries Cola, x
  • Jeanette Allardyce Ward My step mum worked there too, Ann O’Niel. Am sure her brothers an sister were in too.

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  1. I worked there in the early 90s,great memories.

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