1957 High Blantyre Primary School Choir

1957 High Blantyre Primary School choir (PV)

1957 High Blantyre Primary School choir (PV)

I have SO many Blantyre photos of my mothers. Will get round to uploading them all in due course. Meantime, this one is from 1957. Pictured is the High Blantyre Primary School choir. My mother, Janet Duncan would have been around 10 years old in this photo and is pictured 3rd from the right in the front row of girls.

Looks like they have won a prize. The photo was taken at the side of the Primary School (Annexe) on Hunthill Road, with Park Crescent in the background, the janitors home out the picture to the left.

Who can remember the separate boys and girls entrances? This is the first and only school i got the belt at! (despite being one of the better behaved pupils)

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  1. When I was at HBP from 1961 to 1967 the headmaster, Mr Crawford, lived in the building next to the school. The janitor, Mr Baird, lived in the first house on Park Crescent.

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