1937 Pages from Cookery Book

1937 Blantyre Cookery Book

1937 Blantyre Cookery Book

From a small Blantyre published 1937 cookery book. Gran Mary Danskin had kept this obviously to refer back to the recipes.

These ads are all in Blantyre Glasgow or Stonefield Road. Allisons at number 281 the joiners, Youngs fruits, flowers and confections at 143, Whittle’s the butchers at 202 and of course Cafe de Royal (Mickeys!) at 1 Stonefield at Glasgow Rd junction. Love the description “Our Ice cream is made with the latest type of iceless freezer, phone Blantyre 142”. It also confirms Cafe de Royal was established 1906.

Anybody fancy making these cakes?


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  1. Heather McKnight-Wendt

    Now the format of this cookery book looks vaguely familiar! If there are nice no-nonsense recipes in it like tattie and leek soup and scotch truffles, then it was in our house too!!! I have often thought about that wee cookery book like how old it was, where it came from and wished I had it even though it was ancient when I knew it! I made my first pancakes and fairy cakes from it and copied down a few fav recipes from it before I left home but I regret that I didn’t copy down the one for apple tart.. My mum used to make it from that cookery book in the 1980s I can still taste it!!!

  2. my grannie had this cookery book, I remember it well. I wish I still had her copy.

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