2014 Serene Kirkyard Experience

2012 Kirkyard Cemetery, High Blantyre (PV)

2012 Kirkyard Cemetery, High Blantyre (PV)

Isn’t it strange when a colour photo is turned into Black and White, it somehow takes on a whole new meaning, an older perspective and if the subject matter is old, then in some cases could be passed off as an old picture itself. One such example is this modern 2012 photo of High Blantyre Kirkyard.

About the only thing that gives it away, is the Kirk Care modern building in the background, and perhaps the lamp post! Strangely though, its one of my favourite modern photos of Blantyre.

As 2014 closes, I found myself looking back at some favourite moments. This is one of them. In Summer 2014, I visited this little cemetery, sat alone on the grass against a wall, in the beautiful Summer sun and watched the world go by, as I proof read my new book. I almost forgot the road was there, listening to the birds as the gentle breezes blew through the long grass and flowers beside me.  It was about the only “time out” i can remember from this busy year! That whole experience left me feeling more connected to Kirkton itself, in such a nice peaceful way and I walked to my home nearby without  a care in the world.

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