1856 Hamilton Advertiser 1st Edtion

1856 Hamilton Advertiser

1856 Hamilton Advertiser

One of the oldest documents I have has been passed down through our family. Its the first edition of the Hamilton Advertiser, which must have made quite the impact in Blantyre at the time.

The edition is rather crumbly despite best efforts to preserve it. Dating from 1856, it is kept usually in the dark and in dry conditions and sadly already deteriorated halving. As you would expect, there are many adverts and a whole section inside about Blantyre. I’ll be bringing you some of the adverts and stories in coming weeks. There are main headline stories inside, one of which is announcing the arrival of the new town hall (Hamilton). The launch of a local newspaper must have been welcome news for many residents in Blantyre, but I bet equally not so, for those people who had no time for papers or could not read well.

I’m thrilled to own an original well sought document that is nearly 160 years old.

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